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Children require special care, provided by highly-trained professionals who possess the skills necessary to meet their medical and emotional needs. Salem Regional Medical Center offers a wide variety of services for children, from birth to adolescence. Whether you are seeking routine or preventative care, treatment by physician specialists, surgical services, diagnostics or therapy, Salem Regional Medical Center provides the services you need, conveniently located for your family's busy lifestyle.

New Beginnings Family Care Center - a staff of highly-qualified obstetricians and gynecologists provide around-the-clock maternity care to help welcome your new arrival. The advanced maternity unit combines the latest technology with a soothing environment to promote rest, relaxation and family bonding throughout your hospital stay.

Expert Pediatric Care - Several local pediatricians have cared for multiple generations of local families in a compassionate and gentle manner. SRMC-affiliated pediatricians have offices throughout the service area for your convenience. Please refer to the Physician Finder for a complete listing.

Emergency Care - As they grow, your little ones are bound to experience some cuts, scrapes, broken bones and bouts with the flu along the way. The SRMC Emergency Department is open around-the-clock for all of life's emergencies. In the event a serious injury requires care at a regional children's hospital, air ambulance service is available to those facilities.

Inpatient Care - Our pediatric physicians provide skillful, compassionate attention and encourage family support and involvement. A pediatric rapid response team has been developed to specifically meet the urgent care needs of any child whose condition takes a turn for the worse during hospitalization.

Pediatric Surgery - The Surgery Center at Salem Regional Medical Center accommodates a wide variety of common pediatric surgeries, using the latest technology to ensure your child's safety and comfort.

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy - Speech and language disorders refer to problems in communication and related areas. These difficulties range from simple sound substitutions to the inability to understand or use language. If your child's pediatrician has recommended an evaluation by a speech-language pathologist, an assessment and therapy can be completed at the Salem Medical Arts Development building, located across the street from the hospital.

Safe CT Scans for Children - If your child is in need of a CT scan, Salem Regional Medical Center offers the safest option in the region. With dual-128 CT technology, a child can be scanned in less than two seconds. This efficiency often eliminates the need for sedation and helps to reduce a child's anxiety. The unit also images with the lowest radiation dose possible. As part of a national initiative called "Image Gently," aimed at raising awareness for radiation exposure in children, pediatric patients who receive medical imaging tests at SRMC are given a chart to track the procedures. This eliminates redundant or unnecessary testing.

By providing quality treatment and personal care for the unique needs of children, SRMC hopes to guide the next generation toward a healthy future.

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