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The Surgery Center at Salem Regional Medical Center

Located east of the main hospital entrance, The Surgery Center at Salem Regional Medical Center is conveniently accessible with its own entrance and nearby parking.

The Surgery Center at Salem Regional Medical Center offers a wide range of surgical procedures, from outpatient surgeries to more complex surgical cases requiring hospitalization. While patients and their loved ones will appreciate the amenities and conveniences that have been added to make their experience as pleasant as possible, the safety of offering surgical services within a full-service hospital is of the utmost importance. Surgical patients at SRMC are assured that a highly-qualified staff of professionals and support services are easily accessible should specialized care be required.

The Surgery Center at Salem Regional Medical Center offers seven spacious operating suites. The operating rooms provide the technology needed to perform a wide variety of surgeries, including general surgery, laparoscopic surgery and gynecologic, gastroenterologic, orthopaedic, ophthalmologic, urologic, ear, nose and throat, and vascular procedures.

Anesthesiologists prepare a patient for surgery in one of The Surgery Center's operating suites.

Each of the operating suites features modern equipment, as well as boom technology, which is an innovative way to improve safety. Booms are moveable columns attached overhead for the storage of medical equipment and lighting. This innovation helps to manage cords and lines in the OR. Digital imaging displays are also present in each operating suite. This technology assists the surgical team by providing clear, high quality images of internal structures, which may be needed to complete a surgical procedure.

Patients in need of orthopaedic surgeries, such as joint replacements, can undergo surgery using the latest technology at The Surgery Center's specially-designed orthopaedic suite. This suite is larger than a traditional operating room to accommodate all of the specialized surgical equipment needed to complete complex orthopaedic procedures.

Another suite has been specially-designed for urologic procedures, such as brachytherapy. The urology suite is specially-equipped with a fixed table that accommodates the use of fluoroscopy during procedures. Fluoroscopy is an x-ray procedure that provides images of moving body structures. The detailed, real-time images captured during fluoroscopy are projected onto a monitor to assist the surgeon with the completion of the procedure.

Members of the Salem Regional Medical Center surgical staff prepare for a procedure in the urology suite.

Support Areas
The Surgery Center's 10-bed post anesthesia care unit and 16-bed pre-operative and recovery area feature the latest technology to enhance patient safety and privacy.

In the 10-bed post anesthesia care unit (PACU), patients recover from the effects of anesthesia under the watchful care of anesthesiologists and specially-trained nurses. The latest technology and monitoring devices are used to enhance patient safety.

Following a brief stay in PACU, outpatient surgery patients are transferred to the nearby 16-bed pre-operative and recovery area. This dual purpose area is where surgical patients arrive prior to their surgeries, and where some of them will return after surgery to complete their recoveries before being discharged home with a family member. Each private patient bay is equipped with an LCD television to help pass the time and reduce anxiety.

Both of these areas have designated isolation rooms and centralized nursing stations. Their close proximity to the operating suites and staff offices helps to simplify the transport of patients and protect their privacy. Because the family members of surgical patients may wait for several hours while their loved ones undergo surgery, a comfortable and soothing surgical waiting room is nearby.

Wide, sunny hallways surround the inner core of operating suites in The Surgery Center at Salem Regional Medical Center. This feature provides a soothing area for patients as they are taken to the operating rooms.

The surgical waiting room is staffed by hospital volunteers. The area includes two televisions and a beverage station, as well as nearby restrooms. Families may also use the computerized patient tracking system to receive general progress updates about their loved ones, such as "In Recovery." Patient privacy is protected through this system, which uses codes instead of names. If families would like to leave the general area, beepers are available from the volunteer, who will notify them when they should return. The proximity of the surgical waiting room to the cafeteria, gift shop and surgery department is convenient. Nearby consultation rooms allow surgeons to speak to families privately following their loved ones' procedures.

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