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Volunteer Areas

Many areas of Salem Regional Medical Center benefit from the services of our volunteers. The departments and some of the duties performed by the volunteers in those departments are:

Food and Nutrition
The extensive task of providing meals for hospital patients and staff is the responsibility of the Food and Nutrition Department. Volunteers are a vital part of completing this job. Some of the duties they perform include serving meals in the employee dining room, placing utensils and placemats on patients' trays, clearing tables and washing dishes.

Look Nook Gift Shop
The Look Nook Gift Shop, located on hospital's ground floor concourse, features a variety of gift and sundry items, as well as collectibles. In addition to helping customers choose and complete their purchases, gift shop volunteers provide a source of comfort for visitors whose loved ones are hospitalized.

Health Sciences Library
Volunteers in the Health Sciences Library assist the medical librarian in organizing the library and completing a number of clerical tasks. In this department, volunteers may be asked to file, collate, type, label and stuff envelopes, run errands and answer phones.

Information Desk
The important job of welcoming visitors to Salem Regional Medical Center is fulfilled by Information Desk volunteers. Following a warm welcome, they provide room numbers and directions to members of the community. They also release physician information, patient conditions and room numbers to telephone callers.

One of the clinical areas staffed by volunteers is the Laboratory. Here, they assist the staff and patients by running errands, labeling containers, completing requisitions and transporting specimens.

Medical and Surgical Nursing Units
Working in conjunction with health care team members, volunteers on the Medical and Surgical units provide the extra touches that help to ease the burden of a hospital stay. Some of these duties include reading to or visiting with patients and delivering flowers and mail. Among other tasks, these volunteers also escort discharged patients to their cars and transport requisitions and specimens to other departments.

Patient Escorts
For many people coming to the hospital, the halls are an unfamiliar maze they must navigate to keep their health care appointments. To assist these people in finding the appropriate departments, patient escorts are available to walk with them or provide wheelchair transportation. Escorts also provide delivery services for hospital staff.

Surgical Waiting Room
Family members of patients undergoing surgical procedures at Salem Regional Medical Center can wait for news of their loved ones' progress in the comfort of the surgical waiting room. The area is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers who serve as the family members' link to the physicians and surgical staff.

If you are interested in volunteering at Salem Regional Medical Center, or have questions about any of the areas listed above, please contact the volunteer services office at 330-332-7126. Additional information may also be obtained by sending an email to info.contact@salemregional.com.

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